Original Handpainted Feathers
By Wildlife Artist
B. Curtiss
I'm so glad you stopped by!
Please, let me take a minute to tell you a little about myself and about what you will find here.
My name is Barb Curtiss and I am primarily a Wildlife Artist but I do occasionally paint other subjects.
I have been painting for quite a few years on the "standard" surfaces but painted my first Feather Painting a few years ago. That type of painting has since become my passion. Because no two feathers "behave" the same way when being painted I find the challenge of using a feather as my "canvas" exhilarating. I also find that the beautiful feathers make a wonderful background for my Wildlife subjects.
Each painting is done on one or multiple Turkey feathers . When the painting is finished it is signed, dated and mounted on a neutral background to fit in easily with any decor. The Feather Painting is then framed under glass to protect it's delicate beauty in a solid wood frame.If you would rather have the painting unframed that can also be arranged.
The pictures of the Feathers that you will see in my Gallery are taken close up and in detail before framing to show the detail of the painting as clearly as possible.
  If you are interested in ordering a Painted Feather in my Gallery please click on the E-mail button below.
I'm sorry that there are so few paintings that are not sold and available for purchase  at this time.. I'm taking a short sabbatical from painting to pursue other interests but will be back to painting again in the near future.
It's been nice talking to you!
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